Located right on the longest beach of southern Evoia, Anastasia Hotel & Suites is a design property combining its family character to the amenities of a modern hotel. It's conveniently situated just 300m from the town center, which makes it ideal for guests either seeking relaxation by the sea in the sound of soft music or a visit to the Karystos town. Start your day with a refreshing dip in the sea or in our pool, or enjoy your coffee and a light snack right at sunset from our cocktail bar. Dine in our restaurant and finish your day with an exceptional sweet. Rejuvenate body and mind with our massage experts, celebrate your important moments, wedding or christening in our courtyard, organize your business conference with us, meet your friends and spend beautiful and carefree family moments.

The hotel offers in addition:

  • Room Service
  • Breakfast (available daily from 08:00-11:00)
  • Early Breakfast
  • Take out option ( Breakfast & Lunch)

Whatever choice you make, one thing is certain: the team of Anastasia Hotel & Suites will take care your every moment!